1. Raisins… turds of the fruit world.

  2. gothiccharmschool:

    Jeremy Scott SS14 Beauty 

    Eye shadow goals. 

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  3. Lost my balance on the train tonight. Fell on my butt, said “shit!”, and just laughed my ass off when getting up.

    I am so fucking classy.

  4. Suddenly getting the urge to listen to some Bif Naked.

  5. Dude serving us at Wendy’s was higher than we were.

  6. nailpornography:


    Color club halo-graphic

    our current notw winner has such gorgeous nails!

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  7. lulinix:

    Cozy :)

    (dress~H&M, sweater~New Look, shoes~NewYorker)

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  8. mayakern:

    seasonal fashion according to me

    god i hate summer

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  9. culture-shocked606:

    dress from the big sweater warehouse.  Just fifty yuan.

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  10. Why is this bitch scratching her nasty crotch in a Britney Spears’ music video?

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  11. Regram from @yaelkitten because this fantastic #plussize #fashionshow is coming up in #montreal this weekend! Why haven’t you bought your tickets yet!?!