1. Hey.. guys… hey… hey! Remember that one time I wrote a small paragraph about feeling betrayed by Addition-Elle’s boots?

    I randomly stopped into Payless today as I figured there wasn’t anything I could lose by taking a look. I FOUND A PAIR OF BOOTS! They are knee-high, they zip, there is no obvious elastic bands or fake not-really-adjustable buckles. They are size 9W and look at that picture! THEY FIT OVER MY JEAN-CLAD, 20in CALVES!

    I have to be honest with myself, these are after all Payless and I live in Canada… so they’re not likely to survive the whole season. They’re also not the fanciest boots, but they I’m just so thrilled they fit that I don’t even care. On those days I do dress up, I will at least not have to wear running shoes or catch a cold in ankle boots.

    I might actually be tearing up a little.

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